806, 2020

How to Organize Accessories

Over the last decade, I’ve seen many clients who’s jewelry and other accessories are hard to see or completely buried. I want you to be able to see, access and return all your accessories with ease! In this segment, I share the strategies I use in my own master closet.

2705, 2020

Inside an organizer’s closet!

If you’ve ever wondered how I organize my own closet, here’s your chance! I shared with Better Kansas City the cheap and easy tricks I use in my own closet.

1903, 2020

How to organize your junk drawer

If you’re looking for an easy fix, this is it! Here are my suggestions on how to tame the chaos in your junk drawer.
If you’re home and want help getting organized, I offer virtual organizing packages that start at just $69! Contact me today!
2502, 2020

Fridge & Freezer Organizing

Need help keeping your fridge tidy? I can help! Here are my top tips for keeping it all organized.

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