Small Business and Office Organizing

Whether you’re self-employed or a small business owner you’ll find our solutions are designed to help you alleviate distractions, work more efficiently and maximize your potential. We do this through:

  • Managing papers
  • Customizing a filing system
  • De-cluttering desktops
  • Backing up electronic files
  • Setting up a storage system
We realize some business matters may contain sensitive material. Rest assured, Helen & Co. will be discreet and keep all your information confidential.

The average person spends over an hour a day looking for things, which equates to 2 weeks every year? By age 50, if not organized, you could spend a cumulative of 1 year of your life looking for things.

“This was a great experience. I purchased three hours of expert help. The space was horrible and had been a dumping ground for boxes since I moved to KC six years ago. By the end of the three hours I had a clean, de-cluttered and organized garage. The woman who helped had a system that made the garage come together in three hours. She even took away items for donation. I used to be so embarrassed every time I opened the garage door to exit or enter it. Now, I don’t rush to close the garage door!”

– Karen. Olathe, KS


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