Organizing for Physical Limitations and ADD/ADHD

Whether you or a loved one has a learning disability or physical disability (even temporary), we can help! Through a compassionate approach, we will ask questions, listen, and work together to best help you to find ways to:

  • Make things easier
  • Create accessible environments
  • Establish routines and healthy habits
  • Make changes to alleviate stress
  • Offer smart solutions and functional systems
Organizing a home or business can be hard for anyone, let alone those with additional challenges that can stop you in your tracks when it comes to even simple daily tasks of living. We can turn things around so they’re no longer difficult to manage. We can serve as your physical laborers as little or as much as needed.

Helen & Co. understands and appreciates the challenges and advantages (yes, advantages) of those with ADD or ADHD. And we welcome the opportunity to assist you in becoming more organized and living a more efficient life.

“We were so pleased that an “outsider” was able to help my young adult daughter organize her living space in a way that made sense to my daughter. The woman that came was calmly energetic and conversational and my daughter didn’t feel “judged.” We would use her again!”

-Suzanne. Kearney, MO


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