Home Organization

For some, home organizing can seem intimidating. But through creative solutions and professional advice, together, we can find success. From kitchens and bathrooms to storage areas in basements and garages, we can help bring order to your home by:

  • Purging and personally taking unwanted items to a donation center
  • Asking questions and listening to your needs and desired goals
  • Developing a customized system that makes sense for each individual
  • Creating a maintenance plan for upkeep
  • Offering professional advice for future organization

“Helen was so amazing! She helped me organize my pantry, kitchen, living room and a very neglected children’s art storage area. In addition, she also consulted with me on what my next move should be. My favorite part was her positive and friendly disposition, which was completely non-judgmental. I will definitely use this service again!”

– Jessica, Kansas City, MO

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