Hoarding & Chronic Disorganization

Hoarding, unfortunately, affects more than just the hoarder. It affects the people who care about them as well. Helen & Co. offers a caring and nonjudgmental approach to de-cluttering, getting organized and offering support every step of the way.

Nothing phases us. We’ve seen it all. So, there’s no need to be shy or reluctant. The key is patience. It’s more than just cleaning up; it’s an attitude and lifestyle change. We’re here to help.

By making smart choices, following the seven principles of healthy homes, and creating functional environments, together, we can achieve success and attain your goals.

“Helen helped me manage clutter that I’ve been avoiding for YEARS. She made the experience fun and easy… and truly without judgement. She also worked with my pre-teen to organize her bedroom. Helen was able to motivate my daughter in a way I never could. Now we’re both looking forward to continuing our journey to an organized life!”

– Michelle

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