Garage and Storage Unit Organization

Been a while since you’ve looked in your storage unit? Embarrassed to open your garage door? It’s never too late to get organized! With the goal of being able to find what you’re looking for faster and easier, we can help you save time, energy—and money—through:

  • De-cluttering the contents, purging what you no longer want or need
  • Consolidating like items, sorting and labeling by category
  • Introducing creative solutions for hard-to-store items
  • Installing shelving and offering smart-stacking tips
  • Continuing this process in your home to reintroduce these items in the future

 “My garage was in really bad shape:  the third-car area was used haphazardly as storage, empty and full boxes were all over … and in no particular order. Just the thought of cleaning it up had me running in the opposite direction. But Erin and Helen know their stuff! And, in just four hours, we had an organized, de-cluttered and clean garage. I can actually see the floor and walls!”

Yvonne B., Liberty, MO

Here’s Helen Austen sharing her tips for organizing your storage areas:

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