I am thrilled to bring our organizing skills to Texas! You can now work with my team and I in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas.

Why Texas? For love’s sake! That’s why!

Over the last two years, I fell in love with a Texas boy AND Houston.  My Texas boy is the generous caregiver for his father in Houston who needs a lot of support. I’m anchored in Kansas City for the love of my family and KC clients SO we’ve worked out a commuter marriage of sorts that’s surprisingly brought us a lot of joy and works really well for us. I’ll be spending time in both cities bringing my expertise and love for organizing to homes and businesses while also enjoying the unique joys of each city. I feel very fortunate to get to do this!

Thank you for being on this journey with me up to this point. I look forward to continuing to create personalized and peaceful spaces in Houston AND Kansas City!